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I am 24 years old and a student at the University of South Alabama. I am majoring in English and Secondary Education. I am currently expecting my first child, due August 10, 2010. I started this blog for my EDM 310 class and I hope you all enjoy reading my posts!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Until I started this class I had never used, or thought about using Skype. I am still a little unsure how I will use Skype in the future, but so far I've played around with it a little bit. I've Skyped one of my EDM classmates. I showed her my 18 week ultrasound photos by holding them up to the camera. I had a blast playing around with it, even though it's weird to see myself in the little box on my screen. I hope to continue using Skype to stay connected to people when I can't see them on a regular basis.


  1. Another great way to use Skype is to bring the outside world into your classroom for your students. You're only limited in this area by your (and your students') creativity. Think authors, outside experts, people in different professions, other teachers' students and classrooms, etc.

  2. Using Skype has been an amazing adventure for my family; we recently added three new beautiful babies to our family to make four happy girls! Being that I am originally from Scotland and my wife is from Chicago, it has been the only way for people to keep in contact and see our daughters. WE are unable to take premature babies from the home or have many visitors for some time and without the use of Skype people would only be able to see pictures.

    As a teacher it is possible for me to contact members of the community that I work in and ask their help in advising and being involved with the future community leaders. For those unable to leave work or visit the school, skype is a way to contact and have a chat with them. Involvement is a massive part of any child's progress at school and any medium that provides this is great.

    And best of all.....It's free.....