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Friday, April 16, 2010

Comments4Teachers weeks 13 & 14

You can't get to Outerspace with a Rowboat

Dr. McLeod would like to see every student receive a laptop to further they're education. This will help create a greater learning environment for our students. Overall I totally agree with his point of view. Below is my comment:

"As a future educator I would like to believe that the education institution has moved toward a more technologically advanced way of doing things. The amount of information accessible through a computer is infinite. I strongly think that most teachers, board members and parents are simply afraid to hand every student access to that information. Of course, I understand the financial aspect as well, but it shouldn't hinder us from considering how a change that this could permanently better our students' education. I loved this post, very insightful. My name is Lauren Germany and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. If you would like to see the comments I've posted about your blog post, feel free to check out my blog. germanylaurenedm310.blogspot.com"

Our mental models are the biggest barrier to moving schools forward into a digital, global era

In this post, Dr. McLeod makes an interesting point. He states that most educators and parents don't know how to prepare students for a technologically-suffused world. Here is my comment:

"In order for us to move toward this idea of education, our current teachers should be able to prepare our students now. Even some of my college professors can't figure out how to open files from their jump drives to start their power point lecture. We pay thousands of dollars to earn a college education and we have professors that can't check their e-mail. How are we supposed to move into a technologically-suffused era?? I am currently expecting my first child, and I hope that by the time he starts school, we will have made significant changes in the way our teachers teach, and our students learn."

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