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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Blog Assignment

Final Reflection

Since my first day in EDM 310 in January I have not stopped learning. The first class was a little overwhelming. I saw the syllabus and immediately noticed all of the projects I was going to have to get done before the end of the semester. I was a little doubtful that I would be able to keep up. Of course since it is the end of the semester I have obviously survived! I have also learned a lot of useful things along the way. Here are just a few:

Windows Movie Maker: I never created a movie until I enrolled in this class. In week 15 we had a project due that had to be a video/movie uploaded to YouTube. The girls I worked with and I have such crazy schedules that we couldn't get together to shoot our video. We each did our part and then put the bits of video together. Movie Maker made this process so easy. There were tons of transitions to choose from which made our video seamless. The best feature is that it has a way for you to upload your videos straight to YouTube.

Comments4kids: Throughout the semester I was assigned to leave a comment for a child. I left comments on children's blogs, pictures and videos. I didn't even know students their age were blogging! It was a great experience. I was able to let a child know that his/her information was getting out into the world and that people were noticing. I loved being able to give positive feedback to kids on their hard work. This was probably my favorite assignment.

Google Docs: What a great tool! I did not have a Gmail account until the first day of class. It was the preferred e-mail for all of the students. Not only is there an inbox for regular messages but there is a Documents link. This is where all of my comments4kids, comments4classmates and comments4teachers assignments were sent. With Google Docs you can create a document, presentation, spreadsheet etc and choose who you share it with. This helped out so much during the semester.

Technological Literacy: Most people don't even know what I'm talking about. However if you are reading this post you obviously aren't one of those people! One of the first questions we had to answer was "Do you think teachers should be technologically literate?" ABSOLUTELY! Until now I haven't even given it much thought. I had to write a paper this semester, and Ihad to e-mail my professor an electronic file. First of all I had to save the document in an old format because the computer in his office had old software and couldn't read the newer versions Word was saving things in. So that shows how badly we need improvement in the equipment our professors are getting. Another one of my professors couldn't get files off of his USB drive. The entire lecture that day depended on what he had on his USB drive. In this modern age, being technologically literate isn't just a good idea, it's vital!

Google Earth: The most difficult project I had all semester was my Google Earth project. The program is easy to use, I just had a hard time deciding where to go! With so many options, and with the ability to just click or type in my destination, I had the hardest time making a decision. I had a blast looking around. I think I spent more time playing than I did actually working on this project.

2. There is nothing that I can think of that I did not learn in this class that I would like to. I am still learning so that may change.

3. I don't think I'll try to forget anything I've learned. Everything I've been taught has value.

4. As far as excitement goes, the one thing that stands out from this semester was seeing some of the things kids posted on their blogs. It was amazing to see how they were using technology to enhance there education and enrich their lives.

5. I didn't find anything that was too intellectually challenging.

6. I think I've been bored at some point in every class I've ever had. The only reason I was bored in this class was if I was ahead in my work and didn't want to stay for 2 hours.

7. The only thing about the course that I would change is type of projects. I would maybe include more group projects. It's always nice to work with others in a class so diverse.

8. I would like to think of myself as more technologically literate than when I started this course. I would put my literacy at a Good level. I still have a lot of learning to do to be considered Great.

9. I hope to continue improving my literacy as time goes by. I will continue using the tools I've been using this semester and keep and eye out for anything that could be useful.

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  1. Your group worked because you made it work. Others just gave up. Thanks! The world of work is now a world of group work! It is important!

    "...I just had a hard time deciding where to go!" Great! Exciting isn't it. And under the oceans and to Mars as well!