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Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog post for 3/28

Morgan Bayda

An Open Letter to Educators is the title of Morgan Bayda's blog post, as well as a video by Dan Brown included in her post. She expresses her views on the education system and shares with us that she sometimes feels cheated. Dan also goes on to say the same thing. He even dropped out of college because he said the University was getting in the way of his education. I can relate to both of these guys! I have classes with 100-something students in them with one professor showing us a power point presentation. Dan hit it right on the head when he said that our education is based on how many facts we can memorize! Most of the tests I have taken in college have been that way.

As a future educator I hope that I will be able to teach in a different fashion. I never want my high school students to feel like they are wasting their time in my class. I hope that education itself can change to accommodate the way students learn. Dan said that the best thing that has happened to the world is that information is now free. With that said, education should be more than just memorizing facts. I want my students to be in love with learning!

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