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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blog post for 4/11

Why is it important for students to post their work on blogs or in other ways?
This week I watched a video about a group of Elementary school kids singing "Landslide". They were amazing. One reason for students to post their work is to share their talents with the world. These children will actually be appearing on stage with Fleetwood Mac. I guarantee you they never thought that would happen when they decided to film themselves singing!

I have done several comments for kids assignments this semester, which shows me other reasons why students should post their work. It gives them a chance to get positive feedback from other students, even teachers. This way they can learn what they need to work on. Some of the students work has been pictures, while some have been writing assignments. I think students can get a lot out of posting their work.
This is a picture drawn by Judah at Pt. England School.


  1. I agree with you. I believe student's can learn a lot from their blog. I also think that we can learn from them as well. You can be blown away with the ideas and work of students.

  2. Hello Lauren, I loved this post. I cried when I watched this video. These kids were so cute. I'll see you in class!