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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comments4Teachers weeks 10-12

Ms. Carnevale

For weeks 10 and 12 of Comments4Teachers I have been assigned to follow Ann Carnevale's blog. Her blog is entitled Bits 'n Bytes. The two blog posts I commented on were titled "Website Wednesday". Every Wednesday she recaps the websites that she has found in hopes to help out fellow teachers. I was able to share the information I found in these posts with my sister who teaches 1st grade. These are the comments I left for her blogs on March 24th and March 31st.

"I love the idea of recapping the sites you’ve found. My sister teaches first grade and she loved the Spelling City site you found. I think she’ll start using it to help her students study they’re sight words and spelling words. She’s excited that I was assigned to your blog, since I’ve been able to share these things with her."

"Once again I've found more stuff to share with my sister! I am studying to be a High School teacher, but I have still found a lot of website, thanks to you, that I will be following for when I become a teacher. Thanks for sharing this with us!"

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