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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog post for 5/25


I recently watched a video about a 7th grade science student's Personal Learning Environment. She has got such an extensive PLE. It is very exciting to see students learning how to use all of these tools so early in their education. She has put so much effort into developing her PLE. To be honest, hers is more extensive than mine. I'm going to have to step it up a bit!

Two Questions That Can Change your Life

This video poses two difficult questions. First "What's My Sentence?" It sounds like an odd question, but you'll understand if you watch the video. This really made me think about how I want people to remember me. I still have to figure out what I'd like my sentence to be. This is what I think it is at the moment.
"I am trying to leave my mark on the world, one that is just mine."

The second question is "Was I Better Today Than Yesterday?" What a question to ask! I think that we all look forward to the end results instead of focusing on the day to day progress we make. Please watch the video and ask yourself the same questions.

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