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Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog post for 4/18

Why commenting on Blogs is so Important

Throughout the semester we have been required to leave comments on each other's blogs as well as on the blogs of kids and teachers around the world. I know at times it seems tedious, but when I think about the impact we are making on other people's lives, I realize just how important those comments are. When a child goes to school and checks his/her class blog and sees that he/she has a comment from someone across the globe, I'm sure his/her face lights up. I think about how it would make me feel. By commenting on other people's work, we can give them a sense of accomplishment, and joy in knowing that other's appreciate their work. I have created a wordle to show some the impact a simple comment can have on someone. Please click on the link below to see full size image.

Wordle: Comments

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  1. Hello Lauren, this is my last comment of the semester for you! See you soon and keep me undated on the baby!