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Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Podcast or not to Podcast?


Almost everything in the country today is run by technology. We owe a lot of our success to it. Still some people are afraid to change and adapt to the technological world they find themselves in. The main question people are trying to answer is, "Is teaching with technology helping students learn more effectively, or is it a waste of time?"

I recently read a blog about such a topic. A lot of parents apparently think that podcasting is a waste of valuable learning time. The main point of this blog was to remind parents why they podcast. Podcasting teaches such things as collaboration skills, writing skills, speaking skills, story telling skills and many other valuable things our students need.

I believe that podcasting can be an amazing teaching tool. I am looking forward to creating my own podcast in the coming weeks. It's more rewarding to know all of the skills that can be improved by podcasting. There are certain things that even I need to improve on.

As always, thanks for reading!

Here is the link to the blog about podcasting.


  1. Hi Lauren. I first wanted to congratulate you for becoming a new mommy! I hope you are excited! I have a 3 year old and becoming a parent is truly is the best thing on Earth, so far. :)
    You state a valid point in questioning whether "teaching with technology helps students learn more effectively, or is it a waste of time?" I was wondering what your answer to this fundamental question may be. If you do think it helps students learn more effectively, how do you think some people view it as a waste of time?
    I personally am a huuuge arts & crafts freak and I really enjoy using my hands for artsy visual aids and such. I do like incorporating technology into the learning process in classrooms, but I definitely don't want to kill the creativity by setting restrictions on available resources (such as only letting my students use the computer for a project).
    I enjoyed reading your post; it made me think!

  2. Good job Lauren. It is my hope that after listening to these podcast that you know have a better understanding of how to do your own podcast in several weeks. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lauren, I too am looking forward to creating my own podcast. Some people may think that podcasting and other uses of technology is a waste of time in the classroom but I feel that we need to grasp this change and enjoy the ride. I'm looking forward to the change and the technological journey. Great Post! Keep it up.

  4. Lauren great job. Its going to be amazing to also present our on podcast and have people all over the world listening to what we have learned in this semester so far.