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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Assignment for 2/21

Alice Christie

Alice Christie created a website to help educators with what she has learned over her forty years of teaching. This website is full of information for future teachers as well as current teachers. There are many different links to information that could be very helpful to teachers.

The link to her publications is what I would use the most. It would benefit me as a teacher greatly. These help to integrate technology into teaching as well as get a sense of how to teach a certain subject. I would suggest this site to all teachers and future teachers out there

iTunes University

Can iTunes U help teachers? Actually yes! I am studying to be a high school English teacher. My students will likely be 14 to 18 years old. Kids that age are in love with the technology we have available. You can't walk in the mall without seeing dozens of kids that age playing or surfing the web with their iPhones, or iPods. Why not use those devices to help you teach?

I think that iTunes U can definitely help me as a teacher. Colleges across the country have used this to educate their students. Students learn more effectively when they are enjoying what they're doing. So I think that adding this technological advancement to my curriculum would benefit myself and my students.


Thought iPods were made just to listen to music? Think again! Duke University held an experiment to see exactly what students were using their iPods for. All of the incoming freshman were given brand new iPods free of charge. Their use of the iPods were documented. Many of the students actually used them for academic purposes. Some people downloaded a calender feature to keep track of class times and exams. Some even used the alarm clock feature to wake up for class.

With technology becoming more and more prevalent, it's not unusual that students would use something made for entertainment as a study tool. Almost every college student owns an iPod. So with that being said, how many of them will be using their iPods for more than just listening to music?? I would imagine that more than half would get the most out of their purchase.


  1. I agree with what you said about high school kids and technology. For the most part technology is high school student's interest. We as teachers also need to be up on technology to keep them interested in the classroom. Great Job!!!!

  2. I thought the information on iPods was pretty interesting. Who knew they could be used for so much? I now think they can be an important tool in a students life if used this way.